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Ana Rieper

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Clementina de Jesus (1901-1987), an Afro-Brazilian singer whose ancient music carried a history older than she, was finally recognised at the age of 63. A life of sweet melodies and warm beats, of folklore and celebration, jongo and partido alto, of samba schools and churches she went on to become one of the distinctive voices of samba. The granddaughter of slaves, her music embodied the link between Brazilian culture and African roots.

Ana Rieper is a documentary filmmaker. She started her career in audio-visual in 1998, with her first documentary short, Saara that was followed by Veluda and Another Land. Her feature film I'll Raffle off My Heart was selected for over 40 festivals worldwide and won many awards. She is currently working on a documentary about Clube da Esquina.


Production Country and Year Brazil, 2019 | Produced by Dona Rosa Filmes | Producers Mariana Marinho, Marco Abujamra | Director of Photography Tiago Scorza | Editor Pedro Asbeg | Contact Dona Rosa Filmes


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