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Bruno Murtinho

1 h 24 min



Amazonia Groove

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Born out of the rhythm of the water, the music of the Para state in the north-eastern Amazonian region of Brazil breathes mythology, faith and mysticism. The extraordinary life experiences of the protagonists, their artistic originality, musical plurality and precious oral traditions of the Amazon, together with the intangible natural force that emerges from the region, vibrate in every frame of the film. Through its artists such as Dona Onete, Manoel Cordeiro, DJ Waldo Squash to name a few, Amazonia Groove gives voice to a fundamental, yet almost unknown musical tradition that has much to reveal to us.

After studying film at UCLA, Bruno Murtinho began directing music videos, becoming one of Brazil's most innovative video directors and winning awards at VMA MTV Brazil. His feature screenplay Tom, Nina and the Lost Page was selected for the Sundance Screenwriting Lab and Director's Pitch Original Screenplays at TIFF. Amazonia Groove had its international premiere at SXSW 2019.

Bruno Murtinho and Leonardo Edde will be present at WOMEX 19 and there will be a Q&A after the screening.


Production Country and Year Brazil, 2018 | Produced by Urca Filmes | Producer Leonardo Edde | Director of Photography Jacques Cheuiche, ABC | Sound Marco Andre | Editor Bruno Murtinho | Contact Urca Filmes


See other screenings: WOMEX 19 at Arthouse Cinema Niagara


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